In design, when we want to create the "wow factor" sometimes it is not the thing that we use, but rather, HOW we use it that makes the difference in a space.

Let us show you... Have you checked out the latest venture by George Calombaris called GAZI? 

Who would have thought clay terracotta pots = cool restaurant design?

The very talented minds of March Studio, a Melbourne architecture firm, are the culprits who designed this intriguing, fabulous space.

Putting aside the fact that a common outdoor plant pot has been used as the main feature (!!), their texture and colour echo the interior’s industrial “weathered” appearance, making the pots feel right at home. This got us thinking, where else has repetition been used to create something special?

So what can you do at home to replicate this great feature? Think lighting, colour, accessories and pattern!

Repeating a theme can elevate your space to something special by using something ordinary. 

SbyD x