SPOTTED: The Spool Stool.

In small spaces, it is always great if you can find a piece of furniture that can have multiple functions... This will help maximise space by keeping your belongings to a minimum! 

Introducing the Spool Stool by Dessein Furniture.

The Spool Stool is part of Dessein Furniture's new TAP range, created by a team of Australian designers.  The company offers furniture for the home that is affordable, sustainable and original in design. The stool's leg work will help add some interest to your space, without looking heavy  - a win-win situation we think!

We love these stools and think you can do so much with them and at such an affordable price!  Here are our tips:

+ Use it as a side table next to your sofa for your drinks or to place a lamp on it. 

+ Use it as a bedside table to add some colour and pattern in the bedroom.  

+ Use it as an additional seating option at the dining table when the extra seat is needed. 

The Spool Stool can be purchased online here for a cost of $250 (plus delivery). 

SbyD x