Define your space.

Rugs are essential in all types of homes, whether yours is small or large, a rug will help enhance your space by making it feel more cozy and give it good structure. 


A rug can act as a focal point in your room or just help tie everything together.  

In large, open rooms where the space may be used for multi-purposes, create some order and avoid feeling overwhelmed by laying rugs between furniture pieces to create zones.  Use the furniture to form a border around the rug to help define your space.  

In smaller spaces, choosing a rug that will act as a statement will help distract guests from the size of your space by giving them something else to focus on.  

If you have more than one rug in the same area, choose rugs that compliment each other, whether that be by texture, colour or pattern.  This will help keep your space feeling cohesive and connected.

In many ways, rugs are like art for our floors.  Most of us don't have blank empty walls, and choosing the right size and image is equally important to making your space look complete.

SbyD x