Every time Australia's loved interior stylist, Sibella Court, releases a new book, my heart skips a beat! I'm excited, no actually, ECSTATIC! Luckily for me, she has just released her 5th book, titled Gypsy !

I feel a real connection to Sibella's styling as there is such a synergy with travel. To me, creating a home cannot be done so without adding your own personal touch and for me, my travels are my life adventures that I love to display in my home and share with others.

Sibella has mastered the art of displaying her globetrotting finds and collections. Her latest book, Gypsy, is another fabulous example of how you can take your treasures from life's journeys to create your own special space.  

In each of her books, Sibella ventures to new destinations, most which are unfamiliar to me (and why I think I am most drawn to them).  She explores each country from another perspective and observes simple things like colour, texture and scents to look beyond the obvious touristy sites.  Browsing through her books, you feel your way through towns and cities and absorb their beauties in the treasures she collects along the way. Even her books make you want to rub your hands over its textured paper and inhale the scent of each new page.

In Gypsy, Sibella meanders her way through Scotland, Transylvania, the Galapagos Islands - just to name a few.  She finds inspiration in the sights and sounds of the ocean, wildflowers, flamingos and sunsets and the understated delights in fishermans' ropes, religious antiques and tortoises' shells.  I walk away with a new list of destinations I need to visit!

If you want to add some colour and character to your home, then this is a book for you! Gyspy is out now and can be purchased via her website, The Society Inc (and at most good bookstores).  My personal recommendation for this week.

SbyD x