Just add colour.

Nothing is more uplifting in a room than adding colour to it.  While the current trend in interiors is an all black & white room, if colour is your thing, then don't ignore it.  Start your own trend.

Paint a door (inside or out) in your favourite colour.  It does not have to be all the doors in your home, maybe just one, like the kids room or your front door?

Go against the grain and choose NOT to have an all white kitchen.  Add some spice to your cupboards (think inside as well!), wall shelves or lighting and paint them in colour.

Be extreme with your favourite colour and do a whole room in it. Using variations in shades and tones of the colour will add some character to the space.

If you want to keep the majority of your space neutral, then add bursts of colour through art, tables, vases and flowers.

Don't forget the exterior!  You can add so much character and personality to your home if you paint the outside. Can't you just picture this home at some seaside location?

How much colour you choose to add to your space is a reflection of your style and love of it. So it's up to you to experiment with it.  However to make a statement, go BEYOND what feels comfortable for you. You must step outside your comfort zone to achieve something remarkable! Go on...trust your instincts!   

Also remember, that if you are considering to add colour into your home, it does not always have to be vibrant, like in the images above. Pastels, muddy earthy colours or less saturated colours work just as well and still give your home that energy and emotion.  

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SbyD x

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