Tactile materials are a beautiful addition to any home. Stone and wood are perfect examples and company Prints On Stone have utilised these to capture your precious moments in a unique way.

OnStone are all about cultivating creativity and preserving precious moments.  They encourage their customers to look beyond the family portrait to create something authentic for their home. Whether its cherishing old vintage photos, using maps or your old passports to reminisce about your travels, OnStone can help you create a home full of personal memories.

So how does it work? 

You can do it all by email by simply uploading your image and choosing the frame size you want - or you can attend their store for help!

What could you do?

+ Create a sequence of your favourite holiday destinations.

+ Create a collage of your ancestry. 

+ Divide up an image of your favourite landscape or landmark over several frames to create one large collage (see the Brooklyn Bridge image above for inspiration). 

The options are endless with a creative mindset.  Mix up the sizes of the frames to add interest to your walls or paint the wooden frames in colour to add drama to your room!

Check out OnStone's website here.

SbyD x

All images via OnStone.