An Announcement!

This year is going to be a special one for Spaces by Diana as we are going to be travelling FOR SIX WHOLE MONTHS! Nothing gets me more excited than travelling and everything that comes with it - the planning, the journey itself and returning home. 

One of the reasons I decided to start up my own business was to make opportunities for myself that allowed me to do what I love.  And travel is a BIG part of it.  It can change you. It can open your mind to possibilities. It can educate you.  It can teach you how to be creative, live outside your comfort zone and appreciate all the wonderful things in life.

This year I want to explore the world and find out what design means to others.  What's important to New Yorkers about their home? What does comfort and luxury mean to regional France? What's it like to live in another city like Copenhagen?

So what's in store for you? DAILY inspiration about design, travel and creative lifestyles!

What to look out for?

+ Regular posts about new products for your home - styles and designs from the US and Europe.  Ways you can incorporate it into your home and how we can delivery it to you! Does this interest you?  Send us an email of what you are looking for and while we are overseas, we can help you find it!

+ Great places to shop for all your home and lifestyle needs in major cities and out of town locations in the US and Europe.

+ Discover the local hot spots where you can grab a coffee or a bite to eat.  (This will be challenge for the world as Melbourne does offer some of the most amazing cups of coffee!).

+ Share with you the stories of the people we meet, the new towns we discover and our version of the sites to see.

So to make sure you don't miss a thing, sign up to the blog here.  Otherwise, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all our daily design feeds.

Business as usual. 

Don't fear - while overseas, we will continue to showcase all the beautiful things on offer in Australia through our weekly blog posts which will now commence on Mondays, starting this Monday!  

While away, we will also continue to offer Decorating Online for all of you seeking some interior help on-line.  Imagine the interiors we can create together after discovering what's on offer overseas?! 

SbyD x

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