Stylish storage for small spaces.

As many of us are moving into smaller places, whether its to live closer to the city or downsize from the family home, storage inevitably becomes an issue. To ensure your space is still liveable and comfortable, here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Board by Design are creating some amazing storage ideas for your home including The Bike All. This shelf offers multiple storage options for your bike, helmet, bag and a handy shelf to sit your accessories. The best bit? Its size and stream-like appearance so it won't bulk your space.  Any storage options that float above the ground will always look more clean and clutter free in your home.

Many of us have little corners in our home that are not utilised to their fullest potential. That's when the Block Table by Normann Copenhagen can be your missing piece in the puzzle. It's versatile features and size can act as your bar shelf, make-up spot or a place to store your loose ends. The Block Table comes in many fabulous colours including this Coral above.  We also love the Mint and Light Grey colours too.

Here's another great option to maximise the corners of your space!  A bookshelf that fits neatly into the corners of your room! Perfect for novel-size books and other objects of similar size. The Kulma framing shelf designed by Martina Carpelan is a great addition to any nook in your home. Its made from solid oak and made in Finland.  

Get rid of bulky storage units or buffets the are too big for your hallway and hang a collage of wall hooks! There are so many great styles available at the moment including these diamond cut wall hooks that come in a range of gorgeous colours, including blue, natural and gold (which is our favourite!).  Use them to hang your coats, bags, umbrellas and scarves in the hall way, display your favourite art, hang pendant lights from the wall or display your favourite jewellery. 

SbyD x

Images via One + Two / Three / Four / Five