Something personal...

One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog was to share in all the experiences I read about daily on other blogs.  I love this ability to connect with people I don't know, who live in another country and who have such diverse backgrounds.

But having only started out recently with my own blog, I have found myself so caught up in the idea of trying to produce something perfect before I publish it, that I have forgotten the beauty in reading something honest and raw.  So this year I hope to open my heart and share with you more personal experiences I learn and discover along this journey.  To be cliche, the timing may just be perfect given I am about to embark on some serious travel soon.

We are two weeks away from our departure.  So I am in the packing phase (love this phase!)…  So how do you pack for 6 months?  And how can I travel and work from home, a cafe or the park? The beauty of technology is really starting to show now that I realise I can't take with me every book, magazine or notebook I own for inspiration! While I pack, I dream about what will be...

Our first stop is L.A.  Initially I was not eager to spend as much time here as we have planned. I think this had more to do with the fact that I cannot wait to return to NYC. So how can any other city compare?  However, after having recently done some research on areas to live in L.A (and other fun things like where to eat, drink and find a great cafe!) I am getting more and more excited about this leg of our trip.  I think somehow L.A is going to surprise me and put on a show. 

Does this sometimes happen to you? Are there some stops along your travels that you are not as excited about but only to discover once you arrive, it ends up being the highlight of your trip?

If you have any great L.A stories to share or recommendations to make, please do - I'd love to hear them!

Di x

Images via One / Two / Three.