Creating your new home in a weekend.

Something unexpected occurred. While I always knew that we would be moving into a new home for the next few months, it was interesting to discover an urgent need to convert our new apartment into a home in the first few days.

It is so easy to be uninspired or say to yourself that there's no point in doing anything to your home if you are renting or staying somewhere for a short period of time.  But don't fall into this trap!! We can spend so much time at our home. It is our sanctuary, a place to catch up with family and friends. So we believe its important to create a space that makes you happy, no matter what else is going on in the world the minute you leave your front door. This is what we are all about - this is why we set up this blog - to inspire you to build a home that makes you jump for joy just thinking about it!

Our apartment has been a great find. It is very comfortable, it's fully furnished and is located across from the beach. Despite this, everything still feels foreign to me. Different spaces, colours, furniture designs and layouts. So it made me think, how can you add your own stamp to a new place real quick? Perhaps in just one weekend? (oh and on a budget since we're only here for a short period of time!).

Here's some suggestions:

1.     Buy a candle.  When you move into a new place, it has a new smell. And its not your scent. So go grab a candle which has a scent that you love. 

2. Buy a few pot plants.  Dot your balcony with greenery and line your kitchen window with herbs.  This will help warm up your space.

3. Go grocery shopping.  Pick up some of your favourite ingredients and cook a few of your signature dishes.

4.     Display your books and magazines.  Stack them on the coffee table, next to your bed and even a couple in the bathroom! Anywhere you feel you can get cosy in your new space.

5. Move furniture around until you find a comfortable arrangement.  This may seem silly but its important.  You need to feel comfortable as quick as possible. So find a great spot for your sofa, set up your bed in the right direction and unpack everything so that you aren't living out of boxes for the next three weeks!

What would you do in one weekend to make your new place feel like a home?

SbyD x

Image sources: Image one / two (left) & (right) / three.