Design & The Caribbean.

If you are ever looking for a dreamy, secluded and romantic resort in the Caribbean, Cap Maison might just be the place...

On a cliff top edge sits a french-inspired, white-washed resort with immaculate gardens, surrounded by the rich turquoise-coloured Caribbean sea.

You can't help but succumb to the colours of the Caribbean from the flowers, fruit, architecture, land and sea.

The resort's design aesthetic has a strong attention to detail.  The white coloured buildings fade into the background and allow the landscape to shine.  Tiles adorn the property! Beautiful, coloured Moorish and antique-inspired tiles in various colours, patterns and designs are used to identify buildings, rooms and locations. Looking for something similar? Try Jatana Interiors in Australia who source extraordinary tiles from around the world.  Or if you happen to be in Morocco, Spain or France... 

To bring some Caribbean style into your home, here are my TOP FIVE TIPS:

1. Inject some colour - bright, vibrant shades of yellow, blue, pink, orange and green. And in this case, keeping your walls a fresh white will allow the colours to enhance in your space!

2. Introduce rich green vibrant plants in your garden and in your home.  Ones that feel luscious! 

3. Play nothing but Bob Marley tunes and music that features the Steel Pan for authentic sounds and rhythms at home.

4. Create a little bar in a secluded corner in your home/balcony/patio where you can just sit back and make yourself a delicious rum-inspired cocktail.

5. Purchase a scented candle that takes you back to the aromas of the Caribbean, like Coconut & Lime. Yum! 

If these images have inspired you to visit the beautiful island, St Lucia, then don't look past Cap Maison here.  

SbyD x

PS This is not a post sponsored by Cap Maison, but I just felt compelled to share its beauty and design with you.