Sometimes when I travel and discover new places, I wonder whether I am really drawn to it because of what it is, or whether its simply the allure of travel that entices me. Do you know what I mean? Well, this happened recently when I popped back into retail store Jonathan Adler - and guess what?! My expectations did not disappoint me.

I'm sure many of you have shopped at or at least heard of Jonathan Adler. While we don't have any of his stores in Australia, he is renowned for creating glamorous, eclectic and chic interiors.  So this post is not about introducing you to a new brand in the market, but showcasing to you a few pieces from his current collection that you should SERIOUSLY consider for your home.

What I love about JA's style is that it is SO Jonathan! While I don't know him personal (such a shame), from what I see, his interiors reflect his personality, his love of colour and for something flamboyant! Anything but generic.

So why choose JA for your home? 

Colour - One of the best ways to add some energy into your home.  His collections have so much colour that you can pick what's your favourite or mix it all together like he does.

Eccentric pieces - If you can add something quirky, funny and out-of-place to every space in your home, you will create character! Take your interiors to another level. 

Add metallics - Every room in your home should have a statement piece (or a few). One great way to do this is to add metallic - think lighting, vessels, candles, art.  The current collection has so many great pieces to choose from and my favourite is the Nixon Dining Table range.

Take risks - this is an important one.  Your home is never going to look and feel amazing if you are not prepared to push your boundaries and try something different.  This is why JA is such a great place for inspiration - whether you want to start off with something small like a vase or pillow, or say what the hell? and go for a large furniture piece - you will no doubt find something amazing here to add to your home.  Browse through a few of his recent interior projects here, you'll see what I mean.

Lucky for us, JA ships internationally so you can buy all these items on-line. So check out JA here.

SbyD x

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