SbyD Travels: Palm Springs (Part I)

Since arriving in L.A, we have received endless recommendations to visit Palm Springs. The general consensus is that Palm Springs is cool. However, no one has been able to identify exactly what makes a visit worthwhile (it can't be the weather right? We are in LA...). So without the need for anymore convincing, we took a road trip out to Palm Springs to find out for ourselves...

I am a big fan of the road. It takes me back to my younger days, when as a family, we would all squeeze into the family Ford Falcon and hit the roads in and around Victoria (Australia). Happy memories.

Palm Springs is in the desert in the state of California.  But not the desert as we know it in Australia. Think - the Flintstones and Mad Men and you somehow get Palm Springs...

Looking back on the trip now, for me, the city's terrain has been most memorable. In fact, surreal.  Arid land, large empty spaces and open skies engulf the township of Palm Springs. I have never experienced anything like this! (You can almost see yourself in a John Wayne western classic!) But, despite the somewhat lifeless landscape, I could not contain my excitement for its beautiful colour palette.

Our hotel worked this to the max. Our room was styled to feel like you were in a tee-pee. Think linen curtains, rustic vintage kilims, tan leathern-worn armchairs and concrete floors. Sublime. 

So it got me thinking, how can you bring this feeling home with you? Here's a few ideas:

Clockwise from top left:

1. Glass Bonsai by Amanda Dziedzic, Modern Times / 2. Vintage Antique Kilims, Loom Rugs / 3. Succulents, Pop Plant / 4. Concrete Wallpaper by Piet Boon, Safari Living / 5. Mogensen Style Vintage Danish Leather Armchair, Modern Times.

SbyD x

Image source: one / two / three / four / five / six (as above).