Greetings from St Lucia

It’s hard to believe that our honeymoon is coming to an end. We only have a couple more days left in the Caribbean before we start this journey in the US. The Caribbean is everything you imagine it to be.  The views are hypnotic, the beaches so warm and clean and the sunsets transfix you.

St Lucia has been a winner for me.  Our hotel resort has taught me how to relax and unwind.  Such a secluded place, St Lucia is renowned for its luscious, green surroundings and mountainous landscape.  Because of this, travel between places takes a while so we decided to embrace our resort and stay on it for the entire week.

The resort sits on a cliff top edge and most views are surrounded by the stunning turquoise blue ocean.  We have found our own secret garden where no one else from the resort ventures to.  Here we are most nights, watching the sunset together and drinking a glass of wine or rum punch (or both!). 

Music is the soul of the Caribbean.  So cliche, but so true.  Do you remember the Magic School Bus books as a child? Well in Barbados they run these very same yellow public buses along their streets playing Reggae music all day long! Can you imagine that at home? When we jumped on this bus the music was intoxicating. No one tried to have a conversation. You just sat back and enjoyed the tunes. Even the radio DJ would interject with his own words and sing along. Music is their life. 

Taking this time out to spend together has been special.  Things have been crazy busy for a little while, and although we have loved and embraced this journey so far, its good to relax and reminisce. We've just enjoyed being in this moment.

The next time we speak we will have settled in L.A. We are really excited as we have been able to secure a great apartment in Santa Monica, right on the beach!  We are like magnets to the sea so this will be exciting for us.

I am preparing some posts for you about the Caribbean and our first weekend in LA. So stay tuned next week as we should be back and ready to go then!  In the meantime, I have posted some images of our stay in the Caribbean on Instagram.  You can check them out here.

Di x

Image sources: Image one. St Lucia resort. Image two. Our secret garden. Image three. The yellow Reggae buses of Barbados. Image four. Fish Market in Barbados. (All photos taken by me).