Santa Monica.

Not having the words to describe how beautiful it is to be living in sunny L.A, I decided to open this post with an image. Does it do it justice? What a weekend to start in L.A!  Sunny, warm temperatures similar to Melbourne, L.A. marathon so EVERYONE seems to be in town and peanut butter milkshakes - can this get any better? ***Note: I'm not kidding the BEST milkshake I have ever had is found at Johnny Rockets - are they for real?

SANTA MONICA. So this is home for now.  We love the water and spending time outdoors so it was our goal to find somewhere to live in this area. Without difficulty we found a place WAY OVER our budget but on the beach and a couple of blocks outside of the main hub of Santa Monica. And it is worth every penny spent! The location is perfect.  

So what now??

It’s the weekend and the L.A. marathon is underway as I write this post. So we got inspired, grabbed our sneakers early this morning and hit the running tracks from Santa Monica Pier to Venice beach. We saluted the guys at Muscle Beach and stopped by to grab a juice (filled with protein) on our way back home.  Is this L.A or what?

This weekend we have spent our time setting up our apartment including a shop at Wholefoods Market and at the local Farmer's Market in Venice held each Sunday morning (more talk about markets next weekend). 

Once we get through these formalities I hope to spend the week exploring Santa Monica and the surrounding areas to see what exciting things I can share with you. Maybe a great homewares store or the interiors of a beautiful bar? But for now, here are some snaps of our area to share with you.

Di x

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