SbyD Travels: When in Texas...

Now this place is pretty awesome. While Route 66 takes us into the state of Texas, we only get as far as Amarillo.  So we decided to stay here for the night and experience the Big Texan Steak Ranch.

This place will give you a free steak if you can eat the 72ounce steak within one hour! That's 2.04kg of steak! Goodness... So not the ideal place for a pescatarian but I was excited all the same to see someone else tackle this challenge! 

The restaurant optimised the essential Route 66 charm - neon lights, big signs and everything American! 

So it got me thinking, how could I bring home this Texan charm and reminisce? For those of us who may not be into cowboy hats, boots or souvenir glassware, here's some other options to try:

1. Plaid & Gingham fabrics. Reupholster your favourite armchair, make some cushion covers or use it as a tablecloth for dining. 

2. Taxidermy & Antlers. Decorate your walls with animals, antlers, horns and scull heads. Try Tarlo & Graham for some authentic options or The Woodsfolk for something a little faux.

3. Chandelier and wall sconces.  To recreate the time period, you can't go past a large crystal, antique chandelier and some vintage metal wall sconces. To find something similar, try Schots.  

And remember, don't feel like you have to change your whole room to look and feel like the places you've travelled.  Even just a couple of pieces in the space can help recreate that feeling and bring back those treasured memories.

SbyD x

Image sources: one / two / three / four / five. All other images taken by me using my iPhone 4S.