PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Abigail Ahern's new paint range.

So some fabulous news, there is an exciting paint range on the market that I cannot wait to test out! Abigail Ahern, interior designer along with a plethora of other talents (including author, product designer and teacher!) has released a new range of paints... but not any kind, the real dark, moody type!

Abigail is incredibly creative and inspiring and has a real passion for painting her interiors in dark hues.  Even if you think you are not the "type" to go all dark in one room, she will make you definitely think twice about it!  She has described her paint range as "inky (obviously) supremely sophisticated, luxurious, tantalising and totally transformative". Now doesn't that get you excited?!

My favourite colours from the range are the Bedford Brown and Mulberry Red. These dark warm palettes leave you feeling anything less than cold and spooked in a dark space. And, as Abigail rightly describes, the paint range makes "everything on display feel grander, cooler, larger and more intense". 

So the bad news is, although recently released on the market, Abigail has not decided whether to sell her paint range in Australia! (Oh no!). But given she has a HUGE following in Australia, fingers crossed she will choose to stock her range with us!

In the meantime, while we wait to hear back from Abigail, review your space and consider even one room like your bedroom or study to paint. It's certainly an easy and budget friendly way to transform your space instantly! You can check out Abigail's full paint range here

SbyD x

Image Sources: All images by Graham Atkins Hughes for Abigail Ahern.