SPOTTED: Surf photography by Aquabumps.

Living overseas makes me reminisce and think more about our beautiful country and contemplate why we are not more patriotic? But anyway, on to today's post and leaving this thought for another day, you need to check out these guys, Aquabumps.

Finding some good art options for the home is like trying to find the best fit jeans - so personal and subjective!  So let me share with you one great option to consider, particularly if you are looking for something iconic to Australia.

Aquabumps is all about early morning beach life. Most of their photographs depict scenes from Bondi Beach, however they also offer photographs of other iconic beach landscapes from around the world. They have HEAPS of beach themed images to choose from on line. When you find the one you like, you can purchase it in a few different sizes and have it framed as well, if desired.

My favourite styles are the aerial shots of Bondi.  From afar, you only see shapes and colours, while close up you can appreciate the details.  Crisp, clean photographs on the walls work so well when you are looking for something polished, clean and sophisticated. Aquabumps offers you all this.

Also, given that the photographs are taken predominately of the one beach, you can mix and match the prints cohesively in one room, or throughout your home for a succinct theme. While black & white art photography has been popular in the past, the gentle colour palette that emanates from these photographs is a fresh way to introduce colour into your home. 

Plus, who doesn't love the beach right? These photographs are classic and guaranteed to stay in vogue for a lifetime. 

You can search through Aquabump's catalogue of photographs here or if you are lucky enough to be in the Bondi Beach area, you can visit their gallery at 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach, NSW, 2026 or see the real Bondi for yourself. 

SbyD x

Image sources: four / seven / nine. All other images kindly borrowed from Aquabumps website here.