All of the lights.

I'm well and truly back in L.A, but my mind inevitably still wanders to my recent American road trip! Route 66 in all its glory could not be without its neon lights that showcased The Strip, that shouted out steak! in Texas or that directed me to my next café for a caffeine fix.

I think I am obsessed with them now. In Vegas, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Hopelessly mesmerised and speechless by my surroundings. Neon lights were iconic for this era.  They acted as our anchor to the next town and greeted us with delightful options along it's main street. I want to bring home this memory with me. 

I like the idea of using neon lights to create a name in the kids' bedroom, to highlight a feeling like "joy" or "love" or to use a symbol for something playful and fun. For something more elegant, try a white neon light. For a bolder statement, choose a colour.  If your lights start flickering, you've gone too far...

Seletti Australia offer neon lighting in letters, numbers and symbols (see below).  You can create your own phrase or #hashtag for something cheeky. 

Also, check out Penny Farthing Design House (NSW) and Frankie + Coco (VIC) for neon light symbols, like this heart below. Magic.

SbyD x

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