Welcome to the Hotel California.

Last week we commenced our journey along Route 66. We will be on the road for the next two weeks exploring the mid-west of the US! Although, it is recommended to begin this journey from Chicago, since we were in LA already, we decided to start from here and make our way up! And no better way to start than from Hotel California.

If you aren't already singing "Welcome to the Hotel California" then where have you been? This hotel became an icon after the band, the Eagles created a song about it, back in 1972. A boutique hotel nestled amongst a strip of high-end hotels and ocean views of Santa Monica. Despite its modest size, this hotel is packed with personality! 

Hotel California has a real European feel about it with its Spanish architecture, antique tiles and colour palette. 

Some may say its cliche, but I just loved how each room was decorated with guitars and surfboards. The perfect accessories given the hotel's heritage and location. Can't wait to see what lies ahead! I wonder what other quirky interiors will we experience along Route 66? 

If you have driven Route 66 before, any recommendations you can share?

Di x

Images: All images taken by me on my iPhone 4S.