Californian Dreaming.

We have had some amazing weather in L.A over the last week. You can really feel and smell summer approaching.

California has its own signature style and taste in the US. Unlike Melbourne, black has got to be the colour less preferred here!  There is such a surreal laid-back lifestyle in Santa Monica, and L.A generally. Going to work usually involves a pair of jeans (preferably filled with holes and rips) and a worn-in pair of Converse sneakers - in any colour your heart desires.  Work starts at around 10am but not without a coffee in hand.

L.A life is all about your own style.  The dress code is to be you. Wear what you want, be who you want.  Walking along the Pier in Santa Monica, there is a guy skating with a guitar in his hand singing his heart out.  Early morning rituals usually involve testing out the waves, walking the dogs or yoga exercises.

Californian Dreaming does not ring more true than it does in L.A.  You turn up with your own expectations. You get what you want from L.A. Just show your cards and open your soul.

So for today's post I have decided to put together some furniture pieces and accessories that symbolise L.A living to me. If you are searching for a more care-free being, serene surroundings and a casual sense of style, then L.A may be just what you need.

Where to shop

Image six: Sofa: Freedom Furniture / Coffee table: Globe West / Chair: CB2 / Ceiling Lighting: CB2 / Rug: CB2.

Image seven: Wall art: Maryanne Moodie / Surfboards: The Society Inc. / Mirror: The Family Love Tree

SbyD x

Image sources: one / two / three / four / five.